About us

TYGA Performance was founded in 1998 by two British enthusiasts living in Thailand for the design and manufacturing of high quality motorcycle products for the racing and sports bike segment. With the more widespread use of the internet at that time, it became possible to support a widely dispersed global niche market from one location which had previously been difficult.

TYGA recognised this and became one of the first motorcycle 100% E-commerce businesses in the country, if not the world, and this proved to be a winning formula from the start.

Tyga soon built a professional network that eventually needed to be streamlined, which meant the start of Tyga Europe. We created an office in The Netherlands from where orders are shipped all over Europe. All products are kept in stock to provide the best service possible for our dealers and their clients.

They benefit from this way of distributing the goods because shipping costs from Thailand can be kept as low as possible by shipping large quantities at once. Also shorter delivery periods mean happier clients. We can ship all products from our stock throughout Europe within 4 days.

You can find our products online or check our dealernetwork to find a dealer located near you!

Tyga Europe
Lankhorsterweg 13
7951 PM Staphorst

+31-(0)6 - 5175 9897

Shop: www.tygaeurope.com